What juices are the most useful?

Autumn and the beginning of winter is a period when our body begins to feel more acu te deficiency ofvitamins and minerals. How to fill their stock with the help of juices we will tell. How to avoid autumn depression and beriberi? You can try a special diet, and you can drink juices, because of the 15 minerals and 14 vitamins a person needs, they contain 13 minerals and 11 vitamins,
as well as biologically active substances that protect the body from free radicals.What juices
Another important advantage – juices are quickly absorbed in the body, with less energy spent thandigesting solid foods. To provide the body with nutrients, enough 1-2 glasses of juice a day.
Orange juice. Deficiency of vitamin C in the body leads to a weakening of immunity. In a glass of orange juice contains more than 85% of vitamin C. Therefore, a glass of this juice at breakfast will adjust the
production of gastric juice and increase the body’s resistance. It also contains a potassiummacronutrient, essential for the work of the nervous system and heart, folic acid and flavonoids. Lack offolic acid increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, and flavonoids protect the body from
cancer. However, remember that if you have inflammation of the mouth, esophagus and stomach,orange juice should be diluted with juice or replaced with another drink.
Grapefruit juice. Close to the composition of orange juice – grapefruit. It contains more than 80% ofvitamin C, potassium and more than 60% of the daily value of flavonoids. It can also be used by those who are on a diet: this is one of the most low-calorie fruit juices.
Pineapple juice. It contains a unique set of enzymes that break down the protein and accelerate the digestion process, so it is better to drink it immediately after eating. This drink also contains more than
30% of the daily requirement of vitamin C, folic acid and magnesium, the lack of which leads to thedevelopment of heart disease.
Tomato juice. It is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals. It contains provitamin, A (β-carotene),vitamin C, sodium, potassium and an antioxidant-lycopene. In addition, tomato juice is considered the
lowest calorie and does not interfere with your diet!

Carrot juice. One cup per day is enough to completely provide the body with provitamin A. Also in this juice contains vitamin K, necessary for blood clotting, vitamin C, magnesium and biotin, the lack ofwhich leads to deterioration of the skin. Remember that beta-carotene and vitamin K are related to fat-
soluble vitamins, so for better absorption of these substances, add cream to the juice and drink it duringor after a meal.
Multifruit juice. Which juices have a higher nutritional value? The answer is obvious – mixed juices from several vegetables and fruits. If carrots rich in carotene add orange, which contains more than 80% of vitamin C, then you get a useful cocktail. Do not be afraid to experiment: the main thing is that the
juices fit each other to taste, color and smell. For example, apple and carrot, apple and pear, apple and cherry juices combine well.
And a few important tips – vegetable juices can be drunk at any time of the day, sweet fruit juices – in the morning. It is not recommended to drink juices at the same time as food, especially containing a lot of starch and sugar, and also with mineral water. With reduced and normal acidity of gastric juice, drink
fruit and vegetable juices better 30 minutes before meals, and at elevated levels – 1-1.5 hours after

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