How to Use Juicer Machines

In order to get excellent juice, which would be useful and tasty, using a juicer should be able to correctly. We will talk about this today, having determined the main rules for the operation of this household appliance.

Rules for using the juicer

At first glance, all of the below listed rules may seem trivial, but they are important in fact:

  1. Always wash fruits and vegetables in cold water. If you think that the dirt is taken with the oil cake, you are very mistaken. Dirt on the fruit can be mixed with the juice that you have to drink. It is also not recommended to wash fruit in hot water, i.e. Elevated temperatures have a bad effect on the fruit itself. Rotten areas are worth cutting out.
  2. If you have chosen a universal juicer for the house, we do not recommend you to load fruit or vegetables with seeds. They are not only poorly grinded, but they can damage the centrifuge. Also, fruit with a fibrous structure that simply stops the rotation of the disc can not be processed. Then you have to untwist the juicer and deliver the peel. However, if you plan to process grapes with bones, then you need a screw model that perfectly copes with such raw materials.Fruit juice
  3. Read the instructions before use, because different models of juicers have their own characteristics. The manufacturer knows exactly which raw material machine is not capable of processing and warns the user about it.
  4. Wash the device each time after you finish squeezing the juice. Some users leave for a day or two a device in a dirty state, as a result of which the remnants of the cake are either solidified and harden, or they begin to fester.

A few words about the preparation of fruits

You can not just take it, throw the fruit in the mouth and turn on the juicer. Fruits must be properly prepared. If it’s apples, they need to be cut into pieces, which without problems will prolate into the neck, the core with the bones must be removed, the skin can not be removed – with it, any model copes without difficulties. Rotten areas cut out otherwise get a bitter taste in the juice.

As for apples, it is more difficult with this fruit, and that’s why: if you get juice in a centrifugal juicer, then the juice is heated, and the iron in its composition reacts very actively with oxygen in the air. Therefore, the juice turns dark and with a specific taste. We already wrote about how to choose a juicer for apples, but we will remind you again: it is for this fruit that screw models are needed, if it is a solid apple juice. If you plan to squeeze juice from soft varieties, you need a centrifugal model, since the screw juicer simply makes mashed potatoes out of them. But, again, the auger is still in the priority.

A few words about the preparation of fruits

A little bit about berries: they need to be prepared with the removal of small debris. The most problematic berries in terms of processing in a juicer are: strawberries, currants and raspberries. In their composition, a lot of small bones, actively clogging the filter model. Then the juice goes bad through the filter and it must be cleaned every 20 minutes. In principle, the output eats: pre-pass such berries through the press. Some presses are supplied with some models, but if it is not there is nothing to prevent it from buying separately.

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