How to Use a Commercial Juicer

Self-cooked juices retain most of the useful elements, so they are much preferable to the industrial product. How to use the juicer?

Basic recommendations for using the juicer

Having chosen a juicer, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions attached to it. The fact is that different models of this popular household appliance have their own rules of operation. However, there are common points – we present them to your attention.

Before you squeeze the juice, you need to carefully sort out the fruits and wash them under running water. Do not use spoiled raw materials and fruits with a very coarse fibrous structure. Bones of fruits must be removed beforehand, the core should be cut out of apples.

Note: some models of juicers allow you to get juice only from a certain range of fruits. It is necessary to clarify this point even before the purchase of the device.

Basic recommendations for using the juicer

Great attention is required for berries such as raspberries, strawberries and strawberries. Small bones clog the mesh, so every 10-15 minutes it must be cleaned (if this function is not performed automatically). Avoiding problems allows the press – often it comes with a juicer (if it is not included in the kit, then the press can be purchased separately).

After completing the work, the juicer must be washed: it can be done manually or with the help of a dishwasher. To avoid darkening the details of the juicer, after they are all washed, it is recommended to wipe them with vegetable oil without a smell.

The unit with the electric motor can only be cleaned after being disconnected from the power supply. In the process of using a dry tissue napkin or brush (use of water is excluded).

How to use a screw juicer?

How to use a screw juicer

Screw juice extractors are in great demand. The kit includes: a casing, a screw for spinning, a juice bowl, a hopper, a bowl for mashing, a funnel for mashing, a filter net, a blade block, a pusher, a cleaning brush, glasses for juice and cake.

After the juicer is fully assembled, it is necessary to check the correctness of fixing the funnel for feeding fruits, and a container for juice is placed under the sink. The device is connected to the mains, the switch is turned to the selected mode (Reverse, Spin).

With the help of a pusher, the products are loaded into the funnel in small portions. The maximum permissible duration of one cycle of work is 30 minutes, then take a break for 5-10 minutes. After the operation is completed, the device is switched off (OFF mode). The juicer is disconnected from the mains. How to use the juicer?

How to use a centrifugal juicer?

Another popular and sought-after version of the juicer is based on the action of centrifugal force. Before you start the bowl set, fix it by turning it clockwise, insert a device to remove the pulp in the filter drum (make sure that the staples have entered the nests). Next, install the filter drum and close the lid, turning it until the lock releases.

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